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Nicole was born and grew up in Germany and started riding with the Age of 5.
Taking english riding Lessons and showing Horses all her Life she started training and showing Dressage Horses for a barn in Germany. In 2006 when she moved to Missouri she started training and rehoming Western Horses for a small Farm till 2009. Her passion for horses continued when she moved to Pennsylvania the end of 2009. She continued to save auction/slaughter bound horses and horses in need of a home while managing a barn in York Springs PA.
In 2011 Nicole met her lovely husband when her now mother in law bought a horse from Nicole. It didn't take long for her husband to share the passion. In 2012 Nicole and her husband bought a small Farm in Gardners PA where they continued training and rehoming horses and still are active in doing so :)
So far they have rehomed hundreds of wonderful Horses and have many references nationwide available.